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The bush veld and fresh air is our escape from the outside world, sometimes the place to find ourselves again. The dream, the thrill of adventure, the spectacular sunsets and the awakening to the sounds of africa.

We at Ingwenya hunting safaris strive to exceed every clients greatest expectations so that you will return home already planning the next safaris with us.

The best hospitality awaits you from the moment your journey start with us. We as a team at Ingwenya hunting safaris work extremely well together and can proudly say we have the best trained and experienced PH's, Skinners, Trackers, Lodge staff and chefs.

Pieter Steinmann (JNR) picture

Pieter Steinmann (JNR)

Hunting Outfitter and Professional hunter

Registered Professional Hunter and Outfitter, Pieter has been passionate about hunting for as long as he can remember. 

He has 5 years experience as a professional hunter to  both foreign and domestic clients, both rifle and bowhunting for Plains Game.

He is a hard worker and always up for a challenge and willing to go the extra mile. He will push himself to the limit to achieve whatever goal he has set for himself.

His love for the outdoors and his passion for professional hunting ensures that he strives to exceed every clients greatest expectation, making sure that they return home, already planning the next south african hunting trip with ingwenya hunting safaris

Tom Grobler picture

Tom Grobler

Professional Hunter and Guide

Experienced professional hunter and guide Tom Grobler lives to hunt. He has been hunting from a young age and has 16 years of Dangerous Game experience under his belt both locally and internationally, his wealth of knowledge in the field, a dedication to this amazing sport and his craft make him the ideal hunting companion for any hunter, young and old, experienced or novice, he will do what it takes to ensure the successful pursuit of your quarry.

Stephan Eksteen picture

Stephan Eksteen

Professional Hunter

Stephan Eksteen is a registered Professional Hunter an has 6 years hunting experience, he lives for hunting and the bush, he is committed and determined to keep the client happy. 

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